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Norming has been named Development Partner of the year in China and South Africa several times . They specialize in helping Sage 300 ERP customers manage and secure their key physical and monetary assets.

Asset Management Suite
Companies who purchase, lease, build, maintain, depreciate, rent and track movement of physical assets can use Norming’s Asset Management suite. There are 4 components to the suite consisting of Asset Accounting, Asset Maintenance, Asset Leasing and Asset Tracking for creating and maintenance of bar codes.

Norming Resource Manager
Organizations with employees working off-site on project based jobs, incurring reimbursable expenses and/or providing services to customers are candidates for the NEW Resource Manager suite from Norming Software. Resource Manager is a Windows SDK based Time, Expense and Leave tracking system fully integrated into Sage 300 ERP Project Job Cost, US & CDN Payroll, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger. Timesheet, Expense and Leave entry and approvals can be done via Web Portals running standalone or in the Sage 300 ERP portal. This solution supports workflow based authorizations for time, expense and leave with multiple levels of approval and SMTP email notification for Requests, Approvals and Rejections. Typical companies using this solution are engineering and advertising firms, temporary employment services and large companies with remote sales forces.

Security Suite
Norming also offers a suite of security solutions to enhance Sage 300 ERP’s security in Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bank Services, Inventory Control, Order Entry and Purchase Orders. These modules limit users to viewing only authorized master file or transaction information in Sage 300 ERP screens and reports.

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